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The brand Momert won the title MagyarBrands in 2013. Now it is the fourth time to award the Hungarian related brands with MagyarBrands, that may be representatives of the Hungarian companies in our country and outside our borders. The award-winning brands associated values are such benefits, that can raise the products reliability and reputation. The award MagyarBrands is based on the one hand precisely quantifiable criteria (tradition, ownership, management, employment), which have been supplemented by consumer research conducted by professional appraisal (reputation, identity) and GfK Market Research Institute.


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Today in Hungary there is a true renaissance of folklore: folk traditions revive, folk songs are dusted off, the past clothes come to fashion again. In parallel, the folk motives have been found again, so Momert also has released two new scales. The Momert 58701 product got a simplified (drawn with two main colors) Kalocsa pattern, what was enough to make this otherwise simple structure a room decor item. The Momert 58489 scale got a similar pattern to the Hungarian Folk Tales' aesthetic, gray tendril.



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Momert appeared with a brand new sandwich maker family, which consists of four different products. All of them has got cool toch housing and fully enclosed structure, so at the back hinge there are no free cables, as at the older models. This results a much safer operation. Each device power is 750 watts. In terms of function Momert 2007 is a sandwich maker, which is identical in appearance with Momert 2008 grill (left side picture). The Momert 2009 waffle has a different external (middle image). The Momert 2010 sandwich maker has 3in1 function, it has changeable plates, so it has grill and waffle plates as well (right side picture). Robust external and inexpensive price surely will make them popular among users!


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Momert 3000 infrared lamp which is in production for nearly 4 years, went under some tiny updates, which basically consists of that, unlike the previous ones, GE 100 watt infrared bulb is in the unit. This is an interesting information, as this GE bulb is manufactured in Hungary, compared to our previous suppliers Polish bulb. That way, this product is 100% Hungarian-manufactured, so with purchasing it you fully support the Hungarian industry and the preservation of Hungarian jobs! Along the lamps with GE bulbs, lamps made with Philips buls will also be available, so you might check the GE trade mark on the giftbox, which indicates that lamp was assemblied with it.



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Momert 1816 ultrasonic humidifier is already available in stores. The device comes with a 7-color night light, so in addition to the humidifier function provides an aesthetic experience as well. It is an automatic switch-off device, so no problem if the 3.5 liter tank runs out. Per hour up to 300 ml of water is able to evaporate, so the content of the tank is enough for about 11 to 12 hours at the highest level. Up to 30-40 m2 room is recommended so a studio or one and a half bedroom apartment humidification can be solved with a single unit.Consumption is only 30 watts, making the operation very cost efficient. As for any ultrasonic humidifier, scale and a variety of minerals are great enemy of them. Therefore using a high mineral content water (eg, mineral waters), or the use of essential oils should be avoided and descaling should be regular.



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In just over a decade, the use of home blood pressure monitors is widely spread. Momert's range has also included blood pressure monitors, the latest version of them is the Momert 3101 wrist edition and the Momert 3111 upper arm version. The Momert 3101 got a bigger display then its predecessor and it is able to store in its memory more then 120 measurement together with the measurement time points. The also fully automatic Momert 3111 immediately calls attention with its huge display and a large numbers. For elder, or visually impaired users, this is definitely a big advantage. Besides these, the use of the device is simple, for measuring only one button press is needed.


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altMomert products has also included a wide range of ultrasonic humidifiers till now. From the small, 0.8-liter "office" version to large capacity, 6-liter humidifiers we can offer more products. Now a new member joined the circle, which is trying to win future users with excellent technical content as well as good look. The Momert 1815 ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasound technology, so it is basically a cool mist humidifier. However, this unit can be switched to a warm mist function. In this mode it still works with ultrasound, but the steam coming out is warm. The product has a built-in hygrometer, and an automatic humidity level setting. Considering that the water tank capacity is 5 liters and the maximum humidification rate is 450 ml / hour (up to 50 m2 ) so at maximum capacity it can be used for at least 11 hours without refill. Furthermore it has a 12-hour timer, so the it can be set to turn off after a certain period. As extra feature a blue night light can also be turned on at the front side of the humidifier. The product can be controlled with the touch buttons on the front panel, there are no mechanical buttons on the device. The Momert 1815 ultrasonic humidifier  is recommended to those, who would like to buy for home an attractive, modern-looking machine, which has all the important functions.


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